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  • What We Do

    We help you get super fit and wicked happy.



    Food is Fuel. Movement is Medicine. Sweat is Therapy.

    CrossFit / Functional Fitness

    Strength and Conditioning

    Infinitely scalable, we offers an amazing array of movements and intensities designed to make you fitter and more resilient. A different workout every day, we deliver challenging, fun, and rewarding group workouts for an unparalleled level of fitness through daily group classes.


    Free Every Saturday

    Join us for a free community class for all fitness levels every Saturday at 9:30. No experience? No problem. Just show up and have fun.

    Student Athletes and Kids

    Make the squad

    Know a Middle or High School student looking to get fit and compete at a higher level? We help build a positive relationships with fitness and health in a challenging, but supportive environment. Whether you are a beginner or an elite school athlete, we can help.


    Off-season training

    Off-season endurance athletes use CrossFit to stay in shape and get stronger for their primary sport – runners, cyclists, multi-sport athletes and obstacle course racers. The strength, agility and speed gained via our training are directly transferable to any sport.

    Nutrition Coaching

    Food is fuel

    We’re diet agnostic. Every body is different and has different goals. Our Precision Nutrition Certified coaches will work with you to dial in the right healthy eating plan to reach your goals – aesthetic, strength, conditioning – or all three.


    The Questionable Depth Project

    CYF is proud to be the home of The Questionable Depth Project (QDP) - an on-going exploration of the three pillars of NUTRITION, RECOVERY and TRAINING as we mature and want to maintain activity levels. Check out the QDP Podcast

    Massage, Physical Therapy, and Self Care

    Bodywork makes the body work

    We partner with body work specialists on-site to help you stay flexible, healthy and feeling fine. We focus a lot on recovery as a critical part of staying fit, and bodywork is one component of that.

  • Unlimited Membership: $135/month

    Couples Unlimited Membership: $243/month

    10 Class Punch Pass: $165

    CrossFit Kids: $150 (8 week session)


    Contact us for additional pricing (family rates, personal training, nutrition coaching, etc).

  • Visiting, Vax'd and have some CF experience? Come workout with us.

  • Class Schedule

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  • Coaches

    Meet the team accountable for helping you get super fit and wicked happy.

    Kevin Haley

    Head Coach, Co-owner

    Kevin is a CF-L1 trainer, USAW-L1 Coach, and PN-1 Certified Nutrition Coach. When Kevin isn't overseeing programming, coaching or training, he's reading about training and coaching, golfing with his wife and co-coach Karen, or hiking with Izzy the Wonder Dog.

    John Rooks

    Coach, Co-owner

    Rooks is a CF-L2 trainer, USAW-L1 Coach, CF Weightlifting, and PN-1 Certified Nutrition Coach. When he's not overseeing gym operations, coaching or training, he's either in the mountains or the ocean with Kate and new baby Oz (aka Boz).

    Karen Jordan

    Coach, Co-owner

    Karen is a CF-L1 trainer. When Karen isn't coaching or training, she is exploring her new home in Maine (she is a Boulder, Colorado transplant), being an amazing stepmom and mom to 5 fierce young adults. To Karen, CrossFit is just gym class for adults.

    Kate Rooks

    Coach, Co-owner

    Kate is a CF-L1 trainer, USAW-L1 Coach, and is CrossFit Kids Certified. When Kate isn’t coaching or training she is lawyering, eating all the tacos, spending time outdoors, and relentlessly spoiling her furry four-legged children and her one two-legged child, Ozzy.

    Sara Casper


    Sara is a CF-L2 trainer, USAW-L1 Coach, and a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. When she isn’t coaching or training, you can find her cooking something up in the kitchen, spending time with her husband and fur baby, or drinking coffee.

    Michelle Cusack, LMT, PT, DPT


    Michelle is a CF-L1 trainer and USAW-L1 Coach. When she isn't coaching or training, Michelle is managing her bodywork practice, loving on her nephews and niece, spending time outdoors with friends, running, drinking champagne or eating and drinking her way through local restaurants and breweries.


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    Mark Kubeck


    Mark is a CF-L1 trainer. When he isn't coaching or training, he spends time with his wife, and his new baby daughter, Emma.

    Nelle Riley Piercy


    Nelle is a CF-L1 trainer. When Nelle isn't coaching, training, or saving the planet one wind turbine at time in her day time job, she's adventuring outside on the water or in the mountains with her husband, family, friends and as many critters as possible.

    Erica Plasse


    Erica is a CF-L1 trainer and USAW-L1 Coach. When Erica isn’t coaching or training, she is mastering the art of food prep, achieving Auntie-of-the-Year status, and looking for the next cribbage partner in crime.

    Sam Higgins


    Sam is a CF-L2, USAW-L1 Coach, CF-Kids, and Functional Adaptive trainer. When she isn't coaching or training, she is raising intelligent, strong-willed daughters (and LOTS
    of pets!) with her husband.

    Kevin Roy


    Kevin is a CF-L1 trainer and USAW-L1 Coach. When Kevin isn't coaching or training he's on his bike, paddle board, surfboard, or enjoying the finest drinking and dining that Brickyard Hollow has to offer. Also, his dog Sarah is the bee's knees.

    Austin Harrell


    Austin is a CF-L1 trainer and USAW-L1 Coach. When he isn't at the gym, he is spending time with his wife and two dogs, or outside enjoying the great outdoors of Maine.

    Jenni Laferriere


    Jenni is CF-L1 Trainer, USAW-L1 Coach, as well as a CFSC. She specializes in working with middle/high school and college athletes. When she's not at the gym, you can find her on the rugby pitch, eating lots of baked goods, or exploring nature with her wife Zoe and their dog Bruno.

    Eric Leinwand

    Founder, Coach Emeritus

    Eric is a CF-L1 trainer and the originator of CrossFit Yarmouth. When he isn't coaching or training, he is spending time with his family, and skiing at Sugarloaf.

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